A rebound is very probable and it may be strong enough to make a green day.

Reviewing my Game Setting yesterday:
I wrote: "It's hard to me to imagine a green day today." >> Perfect anticipation.
Bear: Shorts at  rebounds.  >> Perfect.
Bull: High risk to play the rebounds. It's for aggressive ones only. >> Skill bulls made a little bit.

1. EURUSD hourly: Price bounces up and down between the Support 1.3407 and Resistance 1.3567 to form a range trading. For the latest 3 days bull has holding well above the support 1.3407. Bull can expect a positive day when price has crossed up through the MA50 to head to 1.3567.

2. SPX daily may find the short term support at a convergence of MA50 and Fib38.2 (1,205.60-1,209.60). Considering this is a combination support plus 2 big red days in a row which make the SPX hourly very oversold and therefore may due for a rebound day.
Pay our attention to a fact that from Oct 27 (the interim top day and the beginning day of a down channel limited by pink lines) all the rebounds from the lower end or from the middle line of the channel enjoyed 2 days alive.

My Game Setting:
I expect a rebound day based on reasons I said above.
Agressive Bull: Day trades the rebound and re-entries longs at a lesser amount for a probable overnight.
Caussious Bull: Plays the rebound and limited to day trade.
Bear: If you had not yet closed your short at my call 12:46 PM, you can close it at appropriated moment today or adjust the stoplost! Gives way to bull at least one day!

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