I Need To Adjust My Game Setting.

When I am drafting this post, Europe markets are in red. The US markets are just followers of Europe ones these days and it is more comfortable to forecast another red day of US ones.

Reviewing my Trading Idea / Game Setting last 4 days I am not satisfied with last three ones. I failed to catch the bounces of Nov 10 & 11 and lost the chances to join bears camp yesterday. I even made a mistake to buy on dips yesterday.

Seems SPX is still in range trading for a while. Prices are limited by the slants of the pennant/triangles. Because the range is becoming narrower and narrower, I think bear safely counts to 2 to close their positions and waits to see what gonna happen the third day to decide.

My Game Setting Today: If markets go red
Cautious Bear: Closes the shorts they opened yesterday.
Aggressive Bear: Adds intraday shorts.
Cautious Bull: Waits to see if confirmed green tomorrow.
Aggressive Bull: Buys at the intraday bounce from the lower slant.

10:35 AM  
We may see some things different today: US markets gonna drag (I wanted to say: advance) Europe ones.

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