Dear all visitors to my blog,
Because I have a number of things to do other than trading until February 2013. I think I will be back to US-Stock market and resume to new posts in my blog at about the first week of March 2013.
Wishing all visitors safe and successfully trading.


Symmetrical Triangle Breakout?

It seems that the Symmetrical Triangle Breakout would work this time and prices could target 1426.00 area.
There is a bullish count on EW that the prices movement after the 1385.43 on Nov. 28 could be a wave [iii]. This scenario may become reality when the area 1423.00-1425.00 to be conquered in next 2 days.

Meanwhile Stochastics on the daily chart show an approaching into the overbought area - warning of a near-term pullback, maybe, after the resistance area 1423.00-1425.00, the three remainder indicators are just bullish and encouraging to buy (on dip).