I would like to review my yesterday Game Setting: If markets go red (It had been almost red the first 2 hours)
Cautious Bear: Closes the shorts they opened yesterday. >> It was a good call. Bear booked profit at a  more than the previous day close.
Aggressive Bear: Adds intraday shorts. >> Not bad if he was swift enough. Could be painful to be late in closing their position. Wonderful if closed all at about 11:30'.
Cautious Bull: Waits to see if confirmed green tomorrow. >> No commend.
Aggressive Bull: Buys at the intraday bounce from the lower slant. >> That was me who bough the bounce (but not from the slant - that was not happened). I made profit.

Nov 16 2011
EURUSD is bouncing solidly after 2 consecutive selloff days. The bounce could be short in magnitude but may be 2 days alive. Anyway, the bounce may favour another green day of stock markets.
SPX price vs MA20, 50, 100,  looks bullish when price has closed above these MA for 3 consecutive days.
SPX against resistances: There is a convergence of resistances from 1268 - 1273 made of from upper slant of the symmetrical triangle, Upper monthly downtrend resistant line and MA200.
SPX reading: Slightly bullish. One more day in green is probable.

Game setting: 

If it's a green day.
Cautious Bull: Books profit, at least half of positions if bull believes an intraday-green in the next day.
Aggressive Bull: Adding intraday longs and day trade.
Cautious Bear: Waiting mode.
Aggressive Bear: Shorts at bounce back if this bounce back happens near the end of the day.

If it's a red day.

Bull: Closes positions at appropriate moments (bounces).
Bear: Shorts the market.

The intraday trading:

11:32 AM (11:32 PM - VietNam) No mood to trade. Go to bed.
Happy trading all visitors.

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