SPX looks like slightly bearish

EURUSD daily shows an ideally head and shoulders pattern which is few steps away from the perfect model if it can visit 1.3146. Yesterday's high of the bounce couldn't win the resistance Fib38.2@1.3567. Next target of bear could be to win the Fib23.6@1.3407.

SPX daily has made 2 consecutive lower lows. The fact that it couldn't make a higher high yesterday is really a challenge to bull.

SPX 15' shows that for 4 consecutive days Nov 11-16 only lower highs and lower lows are seen. The price seems to be guided by the bearish channel (pink lines) but not the bullish channel (yellow lines). SPX lost 1.94% in just 2 hours and 8 minutes showed how strong the bear.

A moment to review my game setting yesterday:

If it's a green day. >> Only intraday green
Cautious Bull: Books profit, at least half of positions if bull believes an intraday-green in the next day. >> Perffec if he closed all his longs when he saw the green intraday.
Aggressive Bull: Adding intraday longs and day trade. >> That was me who adding longs as I quoted in Cobra's forum. Closed half when it got profit and closed the remaining when I wake up at 3:00 and seeing my half profit evaporating. Would be ideally if you closed it at seeing green.
Cautious Bear: Waiting mode. >> Lost a chance.
Aggressive Bear: Shorts at bounce back if this bounce back happens near the end of the day. >> If you could do it, you would be perfect.

If it's a red day. >> bounce up from opent till 13:52
Bull: Closes positions at appropriate moments (bounces). >> That was perfect.
Bear: Shorts the market. >> You may get stress however you was happy at the end of day and seems you gonna have another happy day. Why I couldn't do it?

My game setting today
It's hard to me to imagine a green day today.
Bear: Shorts at  rebounds.
Bull: High risk to play the rebounds. It's for aggressive ones only.

10:35 AM
I had played the rebound by entering TNA and just closed it at a small profit. I have not been shorting yet. I think it'd be safely to see SPX greening first then to see it starts making a pull-back.
12:46 PM
Congrats all the Bears who shorted when SPX was a little green at 10:40 (I did not - poor me!).
Just to remind Bears, It's 2 days in big red! It is very probable a rebound day tomorrow, so bears can book profit now. Knowing enough is enough.
Aggressive bulls may long at this low for tomorrow's rebound.

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