The descending channel formed from Sept. 14 (purple) is important

With the LOD on Friday at 1429.85, There exists a possibility that the correction from 1474.51 is not a single ABC (Zigzag) but could be double or triple zigzag.
With this approach, the index could make another dip to contact with the lower line of the descending channel formed from Sept. 14 (purple) and bounce up to the upper line of the channel before bouncing down again. This scenario could expect a lower target around 1420.00-1425.00 before a bounce up to around 1460.00.
The more bullish scenario is to say the correction ABC had finished and 1464.02 was the end of the 1-ST wave and 1429.85 would mark the end of the 2-ND wave. Bulls need to take away 1464.02 to confirm the scenario.

The Elliott wave counting on the 15 min chart would be changed like this:

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