Expecting a pullback around the area 1442.88-1444.00

10:55 AM
Bulls don't want a pullback at 1444.00. Instead they pushed the prices up to the area 1448.25-1453.61 I mentioned yesterday. Bulls are strong, however technically, the rally looks a bit stretch. The expecting pullback must happen around 1453.61 +/- by late today or tomorrow. So, it's not safe to chase the price at this 1449.xx.
The rise from the low 1425.53 looks like a minor 5-wave pattern. I don't know if this is the beginning of a bigger impulsive movement or it's only a bounce of ABC form of a bigger decline from 1474.51. In any case, I expect to see a pullback around the area 1442.88-1444.00 to make a wave 2 of the impulsive rise or B of the correction.
Seems we are going to see a price pop-up at the open today but I consider it as a selling but not a chasing. The buying-chance would come after we see a pullback to a reasonable level.

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