Pullback if any would target firstly 1444.00

11:45 AM
There was only a minor pullback at open today. Bull is really strong! Can a pullback happen tomorrow? I doubt it. Seems peoples accept to buy high to sell higher. The 5 min chart looks a bull flag forming? Bulls are very probably going to challenge 1470.96 before a meaningful pullback. 
I got time to recalculate the maximum target of the minor 5-wave pattern that I labelled from i to v and I found that the max-value of v can be 1456.12, however it is not the imperative and v could be legitimately finished at 1455.51, the yesterday's high.
The big question to me now is where would be the target/firm-support of a pullback if it happens. My first suggest would be 1444.00. Let see!

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