1427.00-1428.00 critical supports

Bulls made a big jump at Thursday's open however couldn't hold the gain they made after 11.00am. It was a credit given to bears.
The 1427.00-1428.00 area which is the confluence of the lower line of the rising channel, the BB 20x2 and the MA50 remains the critical support for bulls.
For those who believe that prices' behavior after Sept. 14 is an ABC correction mode, C is near or already in and it's time to rebound or a small dip/consolidation before a rebound.
If we see a dip and the area 1427.00-1428.00 holds well for the day, I think I would buy this.
If we see a rise, I think a short term target for day-trade to care would be the yesterday's high at 1443.90.

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