The pullback from 1474.51 is likely to end in ABC mode

12:05PM Update
So far so good for my plan. Also watching AGQ, the Silver agent.

The rise since 1329.24 is clearly motive impulse waves (5-waves non-overlap pattern).
The rise from 1396.56 is likely a wave 5 extended and my target would be 1494.00.
The index yesterday made a double top pattern at 1465.15, just a hair missing from the low target 1465.32. The double top pattern is bearish and the pre-market is adding a confirmation to this attribute.
The pullback from 1474.51 is about to resume today which, if can make a lower low than 1456.13 will fit the ABC correction pattern.
I expect the point C of this correction, in a worst case, would be somewhere between 1453.63-1451.75. At this level, the buy on dip would be triggered and the index may end the corrective wave 4/5 to start an impulse wave 5/5 for the target 1494.00.

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