Bulls would fight for the first target area 1465.32-1467.49

The rise since 1329.24 is clearly motive impulse waves (5-waves non-overlap pattern).
The rise from 1396.56 is likely a wave 5 extended and my target would be 1494.00.
My yesterday's update at 12.46 pm: "Looks like 1456.13 holds. If it can hold till 2.00 PM, I think the pullback was done and We would see the Wednesday in green."

It's very likely that the main bullish trend to resume today and the index's first target area is 1465.32-1467.49.
The very solid support area for the index in a bearish case is 1451.75-1446.37.

Silver is expected to break out the $35.1559 in next few days.

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