Can gold-rise be a sign for bulls?

I posted a chart of gold on 8/27 when it was at 1670.39 saying "If gold can win 1674.47, next target may be 1690.00.http://cyclestockmarketwinner.blogspot.com/2012/08/bulls-may-try-their-best-for-141575.html
Gold today jumped up to 1709.53 after a 3-days consolidation at 1690. Is gold and silver anticipating something positive for the stock markets?
It looks like Europe markets are rising on bets ECB will announce Bond-Purchase Plan.
We will see whether bulls could enjoy 1410.80-1412.20 before making next trial for 1415.40-1417.30 or bears could break down the 1397.00 on the third try because of nothing new from ECB?

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