A pullback may be a buy

Wave-3 of the rise from 1329.24 may have been finished at 1389.19 when it hit against the 78.6% retracement of the fall from 1422.38 to 1266.74. We need to see a pullback to form wave-4 on Monday 7/30 to confirm the scenario. 
A pullback if any would find support in the area 1374.78-1380.29, this area if not holds may call the next support at 1370.34.

My trade setting
I will not chase the rise if market opens in green.
I would be from hardly to not open a short to follow a pullback at market's open because I suspect the pullback would be shallow.
If my feeling of "pullback then bounce" is consolidated, I would buy when supports hold and expect a wave-5 termination at somewhere around 1395.50- 1304.64.
Medium term update

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