I care 1354.xx and 1380.xx

11.02am Update
Seems to me that there will be no pullback today. It's very likely that W(4) had already been at 1355.70 as I put question mark in the chart. If it's the case, bull will challenge 1381.56 in next 2 days.

SPX 30min
I expect that the upward counter-trend rally is not over yet when 1380.xx is still ahead.
I still expecting to see a clearer formation of wave (4) of the rally from 1309.27 if I can count this rally as a 5 waves mode.
Let's see whether W(4) can be somewhere around 1354.xx or it had already been at 1355.70.
All together, I expect to see a reasonable pullback to buy.

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