A rebound if happening might target 1395.00 - 1397.60

If Bulls can not pay a visit to 1395.00, I think it is a sign of weakness! Moreover, if SPX closed in read, it would be a warning sign for bulls and a green sign for bears.

Maintain my call for a mid-term correction with a possible duration 4-8 weeks and a probable target 1312.xx. This call subjected to nullification if bulls win 1422.38.

I think you like my call Wednesday: "Bulls look ambitious and I think a modest pullback Wednesday if any would be a buying chance. I prefer a pullback that respects zone 1383.00 - 1386.00."

For Thursday, the drawing of the Continuation Wedge (Bearish) may find a new look.
A rebound if happening might target 1395.00 - 1397.60.
A pullback if happening would find a support at 1378.30.

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