Maintain my call for a mid-term correction (6-8 weeks) and a short-term up (a week max).

Maintain my call for a mid-term correction (6-8 weeks) and a short-term up (a week max).
The down target that I can figure out is 1290 and can be adjusted latter.
The short-term up targets: [1372.50 - 1374.60] - got yesterday,
[1382.50 - 1386.00] - can bulls get it today? Seems the SPX future supports a continuous rebound. That would agree with a bull flag pattern in the 15min chart.
[1390.00 - 1397.50] - wait and see.

Bull flag that favor continuous rebound?

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GreedyKojiro said...

I agreed that SPX would retest 1390ish before rolling over.