EUR/USD spikes today will favor the rise of the market and the first short-term target 1425.00 will be the answer of today or tomorrow

If I free up my imagination, I may want to answer Yes to the question: Can EUR climb up to 1.2550 -1.2600 to contact the top of the wedge/channel?

I have been repeating few times these days the target 1425 of the market. I suspect that this is just the first target and we may be prepared to see a next target higher.
If 1425 defeated, no more (B) or {2} and the rise from 1329.24 would be a motive part of a 5-wave structure.
Very small invest, but I'm long the market http://cyclestockmarketwinner.blogspot.com/p/trading-archive.html
I am not planing to short (front-run) this market when the target arrived.

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