A new high may be imminent

Seems to me that a profit taking at this new high is developing. Better to close some of your long positions to protect profits.
I will be in a tour for Cambodia, my neighbor country, for 4 days.
Will be back to my blog on Monday 3/19/2012.
Success trading to all my blog's visitor.

Not much to say besides that a new high I believe is imminent. My estimation is about 1414-SPX.

Trading plan for 3/14/2012
My bullish reading on charts proved right. No trying to suggest the top and not to be a front runner was the way helping me to make 24% from the beginning of the year.
I may target 1414 for short term. I don't intend to short at this high however closing some long positions is considered to make my money ready for another round of dip buying.

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