May be 1422.40 short term target met without testing 1397.68 low

I don't rule out the possibility yesterday's low 1397.68 could be revisited. However I expect a higher possibility that the market will head to the short term target 1422.40 without 1397.68 tested.


Btran874 said...

Good call on the 1414. You're in SGN right? I wish I'm in SGN. I love Napoly. :)

StockMarketWinner said...

Right I am in SNG. I may be too old to go Napoly but sure still young to make money in stock market to go to there :-)

Btran874 said...

I'm in my mid 30s and the last few times I was there, mostly older mid 30s and above was at Napoly so you would fit right in. Cheers! :)