A pullback might be seen, however it is healthy for a bullish trend and also a good chance to buy

10:00 AM
My stock picks (For swing trade, not day trade): PWER  NVDA  HL  DMND  ANR
PWER - bullish flag

DMND - Bullish crossover

HL - Fundamental, oversold, consolidation at bottom

NVDA - Fundamental, higher lows, challenging MA50, may be a W formation

Nasdaq-100 and DJ-30 broke up the final bearish trend line and are holding well above it.

SPX just broke up the final bearish resistant line and might show some kind of hesitant at this point, however it would be a chance to buy any dip/pullback here.

EUR/USD is facing a profit taking after a consecutive 4 days rally, however I tend to think that the diamond bottoms reversal pattern will work well and the target of this rebound would be 1.3055.

Trading setup for 1/20/2012
No reversal forecast. I just want to follow the trend until Mr. market tells me that I am wrong.
I imagine that the bullish trend will be long alive for this earning season and plan to buy any dip.

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