First targets 1386.00-1388.81 if it bounce...

We can say that 1373.03 & 12743.85 for SPX and DJ-30 correspondingly held yesterday. That is the 3RD days these levels hold and the markets may try the opposite way.
If the market wants to bounce, the first target may be 1386.00-1388.81. The 1402.00 level would be a  very hard resistance.

SPX daily: The market is still in the process of finding a short-term bottom. The indicators I showed are in the oversold area. A falling wedge is seen in RSI and Stochastics. That conditions favor a big bounce in sort-term if the recent low can hold.
Another cautious view is no evidence of a bottom was seen and the market could fall further (normally he need to see a positive divergent)  .

Watching T2108 also hint that a short-term bottom may be around. 

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